This Cave Doesn’t Exist Conclusion

This Cave Doesn't Exist ConclusionThis Cave Doesn’t Exist Conclusion – As we made our way closer to the shoreline.

We could see that this was not where we had taken off from the day before.

And it did appear to have a village or small town or something that resembled one.

We landed the boat on the shoreline and tied it off to a makeshift dock.

Cautiously we climbed out of the boat, first of all, we stood there dumbfounded. And then we looked around trying to figure out where we were. Then we decided to approach the city or village whichever might be the case with caution. The buildings appeared to be from the past, they were old looking.

The people walking around looked as if they were from the early 1900’s. And they were staring at us as if we were ghosts. As we walked into the town we were confronted by a prominent looking gentleman. He asked us how we were doing. I said, “Where are we?” He said, “You are in Texas.” I said, “What year is it?” The man said, “Why it’s 1902!” The man asked, “Where are you all from?” I told him, “We are from Florida.”

The man curiously asked, “Where did you get those clothes?” Without thinking or hesitation, I said, “Oh we buy all our clothes from JCPenny online.” The man said, “Online, what is that?” I said, “Sir is there a police station nearby?” And he pointed is in the right direction to the police station.

When we went inside the police station. Everybody was staring at us, an officer asked if he could help us. I said, “Is there somewhere we can talk, in private?” The officer said, “yea sure come this way.” We went into a room and he closed the door and I began to tell him our story so far. I could tell right away that he did not believe me. I showed him my drivers license which had my birthday on it as being born in 1969, yet it was 1902 now.

The policeman said, “Do you need to go to the hospital?” I said, “NO!” And that must have made him think I was becoming violent. Because he pulled his nightstick out and hit me in the head. The blow knocked me unconscious.

This Cave Doesn’t Exist Conclusion

When I came to, I was indeed in a hospital bed, but this was a modern hospital. What was going on? Where were my wife and kids? I pressed the nurse call button and in popped a nurse.

“Mr. Jordan, you were in a diving accident, you have been in a coma for two years.” , said the nurse. I said, “two years? Where are my wife and kids?” She said, “I’m sorry Mr. Jordan, but they were lost.” Like I said, “You were in a diving accident and your charted boat captain saved you but could not rescue the rest of your family.”

I went numb, I felt like I had just died and I wished I had died. The Dr’s all came in and checked me out I got a clean bill of health. I learned that when we set off for the dive that morning something happened. When we came back out of the entrance of the cave something happened. The captain of the boat knew something was wrong when we didn’t surface at the precise time we should have.

He jumped in the water and found me suspended in the water. My wife and kids were nowhere to be found. He got me aboard the boat. And then dived back in to try and locate my wife and kids, he could not find them. He then radioed the coast guard and told them about the accident. And that they had searched on top of the water and with divers and could not find any of them. I lost my family in This Cave Doesn’t Exist Conclusion.

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