This Cave Doesn’t Exist Part 2

This Cave Doesn't Exist Part 2This Cave Doesn’t Exist Part 2 – I told everyone to be quiet and then I said hide back over from that corner.

Until I could see what or who was making the noises.

I walked up a little further and could not see anything and didn’t hear anything either.

It was very strange, just like it had just vanished. I made the decision to head back to the boat as I didn’t want to run into anything bad that might be hiding and waiting for us.

We made it back to where we came out of the water and hurried and put our diving gear back on. Then we started back I told the kids to hang onto the string and follow it and not to let loose. I wanted to get back to the boat as fast as possible.

As we hurried along I was thinking of what that could have been. Was it a long-lost tribe of Mayan people? Or was it a never before seen tribe of islanders. I knew a lot of languages and I had never heard that one before. As I made the way back to the cave entrance where we had started, something didn’t seem right.

The boat was still there, but it looked as if it had been abandoned years ago. It was anchored but barnacles covered like it had been in the water for several years. The boat was very weather worn and looked like it had taken a beaten. We climbed aboard but there was no one on the boat. That is when I saw it, I couldn’t believe it but I saw it. My wife and kids saw it too.

It was a Tylosaurus. It was enormous, reaching more than 50 feet (15m) in length. The Tylosaurus was a carnivore too and we would make a nice snack for it. So we ducked down and kept an eye on it while we were trying to figure out what happened. This was impossible, it seemed like we had gone back in time, but the boat was here.


This Cave Doesn’t Exist Part 2

How could this be? Did we somehow swim through some kind of time traveling portal? If we swam back through it would get back to our time period? Or was this some kind of an undiscovered sea creature? I had hundreds of questions. Being a scientist that mainly studied caves and rock formations. I needed to find out what went wrong on our swim back through the cave entrance.

So we put our dive gear back on and jumped back into the water. We dove down to the entrance or where it should be but it was gone. Only rocks that were tightly knitted together were there. What was going on? We had just swum through the cave entrance not more than a 1/2 hour before.

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