The Dead in the Pond Final Outcome

The Dead in the Pond Final OutcomeThe Dead in the Pond Final Outcome – The murderous demons that have been holding onto Sam were very powerful.

He didn’t have a chance of getting away from them.

He wasn’t strong enough mentally to fight them off.

Sam would be, in fact, the underdog if it ever came down to battling them one on one. He snuck back down an alley beside his father’s house to get a closer look. He was determined to kill his father for abandoning him when he was born after his mother had given birth to him.

But Sam didn’t know anything about his father or what business his father was in. Sam’s father was a hitman for a mob family that was still in operation. Killing his father would be impossible for Sam as he would soon find out the hard way. Sam didn’t realize that his father, John had armed guards all around his property.

Sam was going to learn the hard way that his father was a very powerful man. He jumped the fence and started sneaking towards the garage that was attached to the house. As he sneaked along the wall of the garage he was met by two of John’s guards. They grabbed him and took his gun and knife away from him. They asked who he was and what was he doing there?

The Dead in the Pond Final Outcome

He, of course, lied to them, but they didn’t buy it and took him inside to see how John wanted to handle this situation. Sam was now realizing that he had underestimated his father. John came into the room and asked who he was? Sam said you should know who I am. You abandoned me 21 years ago after my mother died while giving birth to me. Remember now?

John said, “Well, I’ll be damned you survived and grew up big and strong”. “Why are you here now?” Sam said, “I have hated you my entire life, and I came to kill you.” John kinda chuckled, but said, “I should have killed you myself 21 years ago.” “But I’ll just do it now!”

John had his men to take Sam down into the basement and they made him get into a kneeling position. Sam said, “I’m not afraid of dying, I have killed many people and I deserve to die anyway.” His father walked up to him and said, “Well then, see you on the other side then….Son.” And his father cocked his gun and put it to Sam’s head and pulled the trigger.

The Dead in the Pond Final Outcome

John told his men to clean it up and that knew what to do with the body. Sam was 21 years old, he overcame being inside a mental hospital where he didn’t belong. They did experiments on him. So he made a decision to kill the ones that were involved and their families.

What is that old saying? If you live by the sword,  you die by the sword. Sam had killed a lot of people, but he never achieved the one (his father) he wanted to kill so badly. Oddly enough his father killed him first, 21 years after he said, “take the child away or he would kill it.”

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