The Dead in the Pond Part 7

The Dead in the Pond Part 7The Dead in the Pond Part 7 – Sam kinda laughed and said under his breath that the number of murders was going to increase over time.

Sam had a taste for blood and he was going to get it one way or another.

The people that had tortured him were already dead, he was getting anxious to kill again. Sam decided that he was going to find his father and kill him. He found out that his father lived in the same place, and that he had remarried and had two kids.

Sam was just 21 years old now so that would mean the kids were about the same age. He traveled by bus to the town his father lived in. The first thing Sam needed to do was break in somewhere and steal some money or valuables. He was running low on money.

The easiest targets are little old ladies. So he went to the grocery store and sat in the parking lot in his car. He saw a couple of possibilities. So he decided to follow one of them home and check it out. The old woman pulled into her driveway and she was going to pack in all those groceries.

So Sam jumped out of his car and acted like he was just walking by. So he asked her if she needed help. She said sure I can always use some help. So Sam got the groceries packed in. And as he put the last bag in the kitchen he pulled his knife. He then grabbed the old woman and stabbed her multiple times. And sliced her throat for good measures.

He riffled through her belongings searching for anything of value. The old woman had cash stuffed in one of her dresser drawers, $2000.00 to be exact. She also had lots of diamond jewelry that Sam was going to sell. Finally had hit a payday so he headed back to his hotel room and grabbed a shower and ordered food.

Sam was making a plan to kill his father the man that had created him and then threw him away. He hated every inch of this man and he was going make him pay. Sam had an addiction…he was addicted to blood, murder, causing hate and discontent. He liked the fact that people feared him.

Sam drove his car within two blocks of where his dad lived. He got out and walked the rest of the way. As he reached the driveway he looked and saw him standing there, Sam just kept on walking. He had a good view of the house from his hiding spot. So he decided to camp out for a while and watch what was going on.

The murderous demons had Sam in their clutches

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