The Dead in the Pond Part 6

The Dead in the Pond Part 6The Dead in the Pond Part 6  –  He got back into town and went back to where he was staying.

It was the half-way house and before Sam had breakfast he grabbed a shower.

He had a real taste for blood now. How was he going to satisfy it?

Who would die next?Johnny the orderly would be the next victim.

After about eight months Sam decided to pay Johnny a visit as a result, it turns out Johnny had another wife. Sam snuck into Johnny’s house and found Johnny and his wife in bed asleep. He put his gun against Johnny’s forehead Johnny woke up.

Sam told him to get up and take this duct tape and wrap his wife’s hands and legs and then her mouth. He then told Johnny to pack her into the living room and to place her on the couch. Sam told Johnny to wrap the duct tape around his legs.

The Dead in the Pond Part 6 – Sam’s Payback

Then Sam took the duct tape and wrapped Johhny’s arms and hands tight. He was in a kneeling position and Sam started punching him. He was very big and strong. With each blow that Sam landed with his fist,  Johnny’s blood would go flying all over the place.

Sam had beat Johnny to within an inch of his life so Sam took off his mask so Johnny would know exactly who was about to kill him. Johnny said, “you were in the mental hospital.” Sam said, “yes and you would beat me while I restrained in bed and this is my payback.”

Johnny was begging Sam to stop and let him live. So Sam said, “ok” and went over to Johnny’s wife and started beating on her. He said, “Hey Johnny, your new wife is gonna die. Just like your first wife and daughter that I killed.” Sam kept pounding the woman with his fist.

Sam was beating her to a pulp in front of Johnny. He was begging for Sam to stop. Sam said I don’t think it matters now she is dead. Johnny started crying about his second dead wife because she was pregnant and now both were dead. Sam said I killed two birds with one stone, that is even better.

The Dead in the Pond Part 6 – Torture Time

The Dead in the Pond Part 6 – torture time. Sam stepped over to where Johnny was laying on the floor and rolled him over on his back. He pulled out a scalpel and slowly cut Johnny from his throat to his groin.

Sam had sliced him wide open. Johnny was screaming in pain Sam grabbed his mouth shut and continued to slice Johnny’s flesh. Finally, Sam took the scalpel and slowly cut Johnny from one ear to the next. And Johnny was bleeding out just staring at Sam.

Sam grabbed Johnny’s wife’s body and took her to another pond he had found close by. He dumped her body in the pond and decided to leave Johnny in the house to rot.

Sam headed back to the half-way house. And he grabbed a shower and went to bed.  Finally, he got up a few hours later and grabbed something to eat. He sat in a chair and was watching the news. The local news channel was saying the police were now facing a serial killer. Because there have been nine murders in this surrounding area recently.

Gremlins  I have no clue how to add gremlins to my story

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