The Dead in the Pond Part 5

The Dead in the Pond Part 5Sam got up early the next day. And grabbed him some breakfast and headed to the Tv room to watch the news.

The local news station was reporting on the death of Johnny the orderly’s wife.

And the daughter was missing but presumed dead because of the amount of blood found at the scene. 

Sam had that evil smile on his face as he saw Johnny the orderly crying his eyes out on Tv. Also, he was pleading with whoever had his daughter and killed his wife to come forward.

Sam was thinking to himself how much fun he was having. Because revenge was the sweet game he was playing. These people had tortured him for many years while he was in the psychiatric hospital. And he was getting his revenge one person at a time.

Sam decided to lay low for another year or so, he kept tabs on the ones he was seeking revenge on. Sam knew exactly where they lived. He decided it had been long enough and that he was going to get his revenge.

Sam went back to where Nurse Benning lived and he observed the house. He watched it a couple of days and saw that Nurse Benning and her husband and another daughter still all lived there.

Now that Sam is armed with a scalpel and a gun he waited until dark and for them all to go to sleep. The night with the moon shining was almost an atmospheric lighting. He then broke into the home and he snuck down the hall to where Nurse Benning was sleeping.

With a devil mask on, he put the gun to her husband’s head. He woke him up and beat her in the head knocking her out. Sam told him to go get his daughter and Sam followed the husband down the hall.

They got to his daughter’s room and he had Dad to wake her up. Then he made the Dad duct tape her hands and feet and her mouth shut. She was on the couch, then he had the Dad to get his wife and bring her out too.

The Dead in the Pond Part 5 – Revenge Time

He had him to duct tape her mouth and hands and feet also. Sam finally woke her up and he put the dad on the floor in a kneeling position facing his daughter and wife. They were all crying and the dad was begging for his life.

But Sam wasn’t letting him off. He took the scalpel out and sliced the Dad from ear to ear in front of Nurse Benning and his daughter. And then he grabbed the daughter and pulled her over in front of Nurse Benning.

He then pulled off his mask so Nurse Benning knew exactly who it was that killed her husband and both daughters. Sam didn’t allow Nurse Benning to say anything because he kept the tape over her mouth. But she was pleading with him.

Sam looked up at Nurse Benning and grab the daughter by the head and took the scalpel and sliced her throat with a big smile on his face as he watched Nurse Benning watch her daughter bleed to death.

Then Sam grabbed Nurse Benning and with an evil smile, he plunged the scalpel into her throat and then jammed it through her eye into her brain killing her instantly. Sam planned to leave her body in the house for the neighbors to find.

The Dead in the Pond Part 5 – Disposal Time

He now had a busy night ahead of him. Sam drug the bodies of the man and the daughter out of the house and loaded them into the man’s truck. He started the engine and backed out of the driveway and headed out-of-town.

He already knew where a couple more ponds were but they were in the next couple of counties. Sam drove for a while and finally came upon the first pond.

He dumped the daughter’s body in that pond and drove on to the next county. Sam found the other pond and dumped the man’s body in it.

He then torched the truck and hitchhiked back towards his town.

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