The Dead in the Pond Part 4

The Dead in the Pond Part 4

Sam woke up early the next morning he put his clothes on.

And then went to the living room and clicked on the TV.

He wanted to watch the local news and see if there was any news about the missing girl.

So, the news did come on and there was a report about the missing little girl.
The news reporter interviewed Nurse Benning and she was crying and all upset that her little girl was missing.

Sam, however, had an evil smile on him for this particular act that he had done.

Sam was already planning his next move. He knew of others that had been in on his torture while he was in the hospital.

Next up was an orderly that seemed to enjoy hitting me while I was out from the electric shocks that almost killed him.

Sam would have bruises like crazy all over himself. The Dr would tell him it was a self-harm act. Sam found where this orderly lived it was in the next county over. He traveled there by bus and waited while watching this orderly’s house.

The Dead in the Pond Part 4 – Payback Time

He saw the orderly come to the front door to leave for work and noticed he had a wife or girlfriend. So Sam made his way to the house and found an open window in the back.

He climbed in the window ever so quietly and was looking around. Sam was keeping very quiet. He was trying to decide if there was anyone else in the house besides that woman. Sam made his way into the hallway that led to the other bedrooms and bathroom.

There were one child and that woman in this house. He snuck up on the child and grabbed her by the mouth before she could scream.

He then grabbed his scalpel from his pocket and sliced the child’s throat. Sam got some blood from the child and wrote a message on the wall directed at the orderly, you’re next Johnny!

He then made his way back to the living room where he found the woman. Sam grabbed her and held her mouth shut.

To send a message to Johnny the orderly, he beat this woman to death with his bare hands. He had hit her so many times the bruises were sure to cover her entire lifeless body.

Sam grabbed the child’s body and carried it out of the window. He packed the lifeless body back out in the woods behind this orderly’s home. And then dumped the body into a pond that was close by.

And then he made his way back into town and took a bus back to where he lived. He grabbed a shower and some food leftover from supper and quietly sat in his room with an evil smile on his face.

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