The Dead in the Pond Part 3

The Dead in the Pond Part 3

It has been about one month since Sam brutally killed the psychiatrist.

There was a new psychiatrist working and he was a lot different from the one Sam killed.

The new Dr knew his stuff and he was so young too. 

The Dr put the order in to have Sam released. All the while Sam was getting nervous as his release date and time was coming near.

The hospital made sure that Sam had a place to live once he got out of the hospital. They arranged for him to move into a half-way house for further rehabilitation.
Sam had already broken into the records office and found out where Nurse Benning lived. She is married and has two children. She would be next to die, she was going to pay for what she had done to him over the years.

Sam got out of the hospital two days before Halloween. He then moved into the half-way house and was given a room by himself.

He had all the freedom in the world now, he could come and go as he pleased. Sam became a thief.  That is how he got his money.

The Dead in the Pond Part 3 – On His Own

Sam hiked across town to find and watch Nurse Benning’s home. He was able to hide out but where he wanted to hide there was thick sludge. So he had to move in order to watch who came to the house and who left and the times that they would do this.

It is a shame that Sam wasn’t given a chance while he was growing up. He would have been very successful in anything he would have done I’m sure.

Sam planned to make his move just after midnight on Halloween. He was in his hiding spot watching the house and he saw the children outside playing. One of the children went back inside and the other stayed outside playing.

Sam made his move and grabbed the child from behind with his hand over the child’s mouth he slit the child’s throat. He took the lifeless body of the child with him.
Sam made it a few miles away and dumped the child’s body in a pond. He then made his way back to the half-way house and showered and settled in for the night. Sam then made himself some mushroom-laced tea to settle down and go to sleep.

He was eagerly waiting on the next morning’s local news show. Sam wanted Nurse Benning to suffer as he had suffered at her hands while in the psychiatric hospital.


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