The Day We Boated Down Quicks Run Creek

The Day We Boated Down Quicks Run Creek
Photo by Maarten van den Heuvel on Unsplash

The Day We Boated Down Quicks Run Creek, was one of the finer moments in my life.

Just a couple of crazy kids with a 12-foot aluminum Jon boat. We had nothing better to do that day.

We were going to ride the rapids of Quick’s Run Creek. Somewhere in Lewis County, KY. is Quick’s Run a place with lots of hollers to get lost in.

I and my friend decided to put the boat in. Then we took a vehicle down the road to about where we thought we would end up.

We needed a boat that would float in shallow water and that is what a Jon boat is for. Quick’s Run creek had lots of shallow water. A lot shallower than we expected. We carried the boat more times than I wanted to count.

Some places though the water did run fast and that was fun. Except for the occasional low hanging water gap. Farmers put these in the creeks to keep their cows from getting out. We also encountered trees that had fallen across the creek. I remember we had to lay down in the boat a couple of times and barely made it under them.

The Day We Boated Down Quicks Run Creek

We fished while we were floating, but we didn’t catch anything. I think we were having way too much fun just being out in the creek. The creek gets bigger the further you go down the creek towards the Ohio River. We stopped about where we should have started.

It only took us about five or six hours to go about two miles. And I believe we ended up breaking the Aluminum Jon Boat as well. But it still was probably one of the best days growing up I had. Besides having bottle rocket wars, coon hunting, hunting in general, four wheeling and so on. That day will always be up on the top of my list.








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  1. This is a wonderful story about growing up in Kentucky. The writing is thoughtful, reflective and sentimental without being sappy.

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