Good Neighbors are Sometimes Hard to Find

Good Neighbors are Sometimes Hard to Find
Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash

Good Neighbors are Sometimes Hard to Find. I have had my fair share of bad neighbors before.

If you have ever had a bad neighbor it’s a nightmare. Then you get a good neighbor the differences are like night and day.

I grew up on Quick’s Run Road in Lewis County Kentucky. And having a good neighbor was essential to survive country lifestyles.

Good neighbors are if they see you out they will try to speak to you by either waving or saying hello. Bad neighbors generally just duck back into their home without attempting to communicate in any way.

Where I live now I have good neighbors all around me. Most will come check on me if they have not heard or seen me in a couple of days.

Good Neighbors are Sometimes Hard to Find

I have lived in places before where your next door neighbor was literally next door to your door. Talk about awkward when you both reach your door at the same time. You say hello and they say nothing and go inside. Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura comes to mind.

Good Neighbors are Sometimes Hard to Find

And usually, when I have neighbors like this I listen to AC/DC or Metallica and so do they.  Where I live at now I try to keep quiet and they do the same. Of course, me being legally deaf helps out in that regards.

I also have my four-legged partner in crime named “Mutt.” He is a 53-pound mutt of a dog, and I generally can keep him quiet. But if someone knocks on the door then look out he starts off with a deep growl. It’s the kind of growl that would make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. It is vicious sounding, and if that doesn’t deter you he will bark.

To be so mean sounding he is the biggest chicken I have ever seen. I have to keep telling all the little ones to not try and pet him. I don’t think he would bite anyone but I don’t want to find out.

I sometimes miss living on Quick’s Run and having my closest neighbors about 1/2 mile away. But since becoming disabled I like having my good neighbors next door to me. I just try and make the best out of any situations I have ever been in, usually works.


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