It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood Part 2

It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood Part 2It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood Part 2.

I stated in part 1 that I started smoking and drinking at a very early age.

But I quit drinking in 1996 and I quit smoking in 2014/2015.

I have a very nice scar from playing chicken. It’s about 5 inches long and runs alongside my kneecap. I think I kept it wrapped in tape and cloth for a couple of weeks. Mom nor Dad ever mentioned it to me.

When I was around 18 years old, I and my friends were always out drinking and running around. It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood Part 2 because of the stupid things I did.

I remember one night a certain friend of mine had a Plymouth Volare that had huge racing slicks on the back. The car only had a 6 cylinder engine in it. We decided we were going to pull an all-nighter of drinking and running around.

They had just started building the AA highway and we decided to have some fun and we moved all the orange barrels into the middle of the road and probably had it all blocked off by the time we finished.

Then we decided to see how fast he could get the Plymouth Volare up to. He held the gas pedal to the floor for what seemed like hours and we had to be going 100 mph or faster when suddenly we saw they had not finished the bridge deck on a bridge. It was sticking up about a foot higher than the road.

My friend locked the brakes down and we slid right up to the part of the road that was sticking up. We got stopped but that kinda made us sober up real quick.

I am sure my dad knew I drank some. When I came in that morning from the above-mentioned incidents I went to bed. Myself and my friend were supposed to hang tobacco the next day, but my friend didn’t show up.

Dad allowed me to sleep it off some but then he made me get on the top rail of the barn. I unloaded three loads of tobacco and drank about two gallons of ice water – and spent about 20 minutes throwing up. Dad just laughed and said I deserved every bit of it.

It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood Part 2 and the rat suicide.

My dad and I butted heads a couple of times, but only one time did it get ugly. Ugly enough I moved out of the house. Funny thing is, I didn’t tell anyone where I went I just went. Mysteriously things would appear on the porch of the place I was staying at. Food, money, etc.. just magically appeared. I moved back home after a few months.

Dad was always a big canned oyster and milk eater. He would put it on to simmer and then take pieces of bread and lay it over the gas burner on the stove. He would leave it and literally, let it burn. Then he would flip it after it was black and do the same thing and then smother it in butter.

It had a weird taste I kinda liked it but wouldn’t want it every day. He’d take his oysters and burnt bread and head to bed and read one of the thousands of Louis L’Amour paperback westerns he had.

My oldest brother was always a prankster – he is a minister now  😆 – he loved to be mean to me in a good way. He was always finding cow snakes (they get huge) and bring them to the house and torment me with them. Mom wasn’t very fond of that.

He and my other brother were always picking on me. Mom kept telling them that one day he’s (me) gonna be bigger than both of you. And boy was she ever right. They measure 6′ tall and skinny as barn rails…I, on the other hand, am 6’3″ tall and well let’s just say I weigh more than they do.

It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood Part 2

We had rats in the farmhouse where I grew up…Not mice but big rats, and they would run across the ceiling in the space between upstairs and downstairs. We at one time even named it. But I have long forgotten what it was. I even messaged my oldest brother to ask him and he forgot it too.

This rat never made any cameo appearances but we could always hear him running across the ceiling. Mom and I had been out doing something one day and we came home. There was a jacket laying in the middle of the floor.

She reached to pick it up and there laid the rat – dead. And beside him was an apparent suicide note. Mom screamed bloody murder Lol but we all have a good laugh about it now. I don’t remember exactly what the suicide note read.

But its something to the effect that he couldn’t live with himself anymore. And that he was sorry for scaring us. It was hilariously written. I am pretty sure it is still somewhere within the family. If I can get my hands on a copy of it I will share it.







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