It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood

It Surprises Me That I made It To AdulthoodIt Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood. I had a rough childhood.

It wasn’t rough like growing up in Chicago or New York City would have been.

I’m talking about the stupid things I did, I can only shake my head.

My parents survived me growing up too! Which is a miracle I reckon. Between the fights with my brothers AND sisters and just the insanely stupid things I did it amazes me I am still here.

Me and my older brother got into a fight one time and I came after him with a circular saw and a pocket knife. Dad set my tail on fire for that, sorry my next in line older brother :).

Oh no, I am going to be telling on myself in this post 🙂 sorry mom.  I started smoking and drinking at a very young age. I’m not going to mention any of the people who allowed me to do this at such a young age.

Back then you didn’t need to show ID in order to buy cigarettes. So I would just walk into the country store where I lived (we owned the building) and tell the person behind the register what I wanted and I paid for it.

Again I won’t be mentioning any names. Dad caught me smoking a few times. He never whipped my tail for it, but he gave a great tongue lashing, its a shame I never listened sorry dad.

My parents were not strict on me growing up, I really never had a curfew time. They only requested we would call them. We would call and tell them we were alright. And what we planned on doing as far as coming home or staying with a friend.

I begged mom and dad to allow me to play football when I was in the 4th grade. They said I could, I ended up getting my arm broke in a game. My grandma Hinton was with me, and “Conley’s Ambulance” service took me to the hospital.

I don’t remember the exact time, but I know I laid in the ER for what seemed like hours without any pain meds because they would not except my grandma’s signature to allow them to work on me.

They finally found my dad (who was stripping tobacco) and he drove all the way to the hospital to sign papers so they could work on me.

I thought I could run pretty fast at age 8 or 9. I road my bicycle off of a hill on the road we lived on and I jumped off my bike. Guess what? The bike out ran me and I fell hard. The incident caused me to be scraped up, bleeding and sore.

I once fell on a pile of wood that had a nail sticking out ran it into my knee, mom put the merthiolate to it. Anybody remember that stuff!?!? I am pretty sure that it was used to sear the wound closed, because it burned like fire.

It Surprises Me That I made It To Adulthood

A few years later I tried to play “Chicken” with a friend who was on a dirt bike. Playing chicken is when two modes of transportation race toward each other; the first to pull to the side is the chicken (coward).

I guess neither one of us were considered a coward because neither of us pulled to the side. His front wheel axle caught the rim of the front of my bike and pulled it straight back. This caused me to go literally flying through the air landing about 10 feet away.

It was funny and we laughed and still laugh about it to this day. It cut my knee wide open and to keep mom and dad from knowing I took cloth and packing tape and wrapped it up tight. Yes I limped around for a while but that was nothing new for my parents to see me doing.

It surely is a mystery why I survived my childhood.




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