Murder on my Birthday Part 03

Murder on my Birthday Part 03

Murder on my Birthday Part 03Murder on my Birthday Part 03 is a story about John Dimple who was abused by his mom and dad and became a serial killer.

John had decided that he liked killing his mom and dad. He liked the feeling he had the feeling of control he had over their lives just before he killed them.

He also liked the fear in their eyes just before he pulled the trigger and killed them. Both his parents got what they deserved for all the abuse that John endured while they were alive.

John was now a free man. Now that he was free to do as he pleased, he was getting some evil thoughts running through his mind.

John decided he was going to make a hit list. He made the hit list with names of all the people who had been mean to him.

John decided he was going to kill all the people that had ever abused him in any shape or form. He remembered them all.

His father was rich there was no spending limit as long as there was money in the account.

Murder on my Birthday Part 03

So John decided that he was going to purchase a sniper rifle with a huge scope on it. His plan was to pick these people off that were on his list from a long distance away.

John went to several different gun stores in the area. He finally decided to go with an M110 sniper rifle. He preferred it over all the other sniper guns he looked at.

It has an effective range of 800-1100 yards. It shoots a 7.62×51 mm NATO round and the magazine holds up to 20 rounds.

He started training by going to a gun range that could handle the M110’s range. Then he found himself a shooting coach that was excellent with the M110. The gun was unbelievably accurate at 800 yards.

John could hit a head size target at that distance. He was getting very good with this gun to a point he was getting scary. With the gun having a suppressor it made hardly any noise firing it. John had also bought a Ghillie suit and now he could become invisible right out in the open.


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