Murder on my Birthday Part 02

Murder on my Birthday Part 02
Murder on my Birthday Part 02
Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash

Murder on my Birthday Part 2 is a story of how a serial killer was born. John’s birthday was the next day.

He had decided he was no longer going to be his dad’s punching bag.

He also decided he was no longer going to be his mother’s sex toy. On his 18th birthday, John committed his first two murders.

His father yelled for him to come into his den. John made sure he had his gun, and when his father went to hit him john pulled the gun out. His father backed down and begged John not to shoot him.

John put the gun to his dad’s head and pulled the trigger. His mom came running in and found her husband lying in a pull of blood.

John was hidden behind the door and when he got a chance he stepped out and put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger.

Now John had to dispose of the bodies, he decided to bury them out in the woods. John had an old pick-up truck and he loaded the bodies up and drove them out in the middle of the woods.

He finished digging both graves and threw the bodies in and covered them over with dirt and leaves. John headed back to the house to clean up and enjoy his birthday cake his mother had made him.

Murder on my Birthday Part 02

For the first time in 18 years John enjoyed a quite evening at home. As you can imagine John has some mental problems as a result of all the abuse.

He was never taken to the Dr. for the issues so he was not on any medications. He did drugs in order to cope with what was wrong with him.

Despite not finishing school John was smart, he was knowledgeable of things that people could only hope to learn in school.

Thankfully his parents enjoyed reading when they were not abusing John, so he now gained access to a very well stocked library in his home.





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