Murder on my Birthday

Murder on my Birthday

Murder on my BirthdayMurder on My Birthday is a story that portrays John Dimple. It all began when John was just five years old.

That’s when his parents started to abuse him sexually, mentally, and physically.

This was causing John to have issues with being mean to small animals, and pets.

He was all the time killing birds and rabbits and rats and whatever he could find to kill.

He had even gone so far as to drink the blood and eat the entrails. As John got older the abuse became more intense.

His father would beat him severely, his mother continued the mental and sexual abuse and it affected John really bad.

It had an effect on his school work and eventually, he quit going to school. So now John does nothing but hiding from his parents all day and most nights.

John and his mom and dad lived out of town on a back road. When John was 15 he got into trouble with the law. He was put under arrest for shoplifting food. He was shoplifting because he was hungry and no money.

The police took him to jail and because he couldn’t pay the fine they put him in jail. He was beaten and raped while in jail.

When he finally got out, he went home and the first thing his dad did was to beat him. His mother came in the bathroom. While he was in the shower she sexually abused him.

Murder on my Birthday is almost surreal

John had no friends and he was an only child. His dad was a drunk and his mother was into drugs. John was beginning to experiment with drugs.

He wasn’t much into drinking, but he was starting to like the drugs. He was using marijuana regularly and to get money to buy it he was stealing things and selling them.

John broke into a house when he was turning 18. He found a 9mm handgun and he decided to keep it for himself.




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