Murder Down by the River in Newtown Part 2

Murder Down by the River in Newtown Part 2
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Murder Down by the River in Newtown Part 2.

This is a story about a boy who died at the hands of someone else.

Maggie was doing a story on the murder for the Newtown Gazette.

The chief of police and at least one officer already look suspicious.

Maggie got an anonymous phone call telling her the chief and an officer was dirty.

She just needed to get the proof and expose them in her article. Jack gave her a call, she had previously met with him. So he was the one that knew how the drug trade worked in Newtown.

Maggie and Jack met up again. He had received some more information.The information Jack gave Maggie was that the chief and an officer were guilty of murder. They were seen messing with the kid just before he died.

And Jack had a name for Maggie and this person has a video of the murder. Jack said that Maggie could convince this person to give her the video. She was in contact with the video owner and she got them to give her the video.

Maggie decided to call her friend at the FBI. So she could ask him if there was anything they could do with the information. He agreed to look at the information she brought with her.

Murder Down by the River in Newtown Part 2 the arrest

He watched the video. It shows the chief of police and one of the officer’s murder that boy.Therefore both of them should have charges and have a charge of murder placed on them.

So Maggie’s FBI friend told her to come on, that they would have to get the judge to fix up a warrant. In conclusion, they headed down to the police station. Because they had a warrant for the chief and one of his officers.

Later on in the years to come in Newtown the murders dropped to almost nothing. The chief was given two life sentences and the officer was given five life sentences.

While the FBI had this case still opened. They discovered that the chief along with that officer was guilty of 25 murders in Newtown. Case closed once they placed charges on the chief and the officer. They won’t be around here.








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