Murder Down by the River in Newtown

Murder Down by the River in Newtown
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Behind her, the noise escalated it startled her because of the Murder Down by the River in Newtown.

Because the boy was selling drugs by the river; I guess he ran into the wrong person now he’s dead.

Maggie was doing a story on the murder down by the river in Newtown. So she wanted facts about the murder.

She met up with a person who was an expert in the drug trade that goes on in Newtown.

Jack sat down beside her and explained to her how the drug trade worked in Newtown. Because The Murder Down by the River in Newtown has everyone jumpy.

Maggie and Jack continued on with their meeting. Furthermore, Maggie needed to get a feel of what goes on in Newtown. So after Maggie and Jack were through with their meeting she headed home.

When she got home, she went straight into her office. She wanted to get a start on the article she was writing for the Newtown Gazette. She wanted to interview the police chief.

Maggie called and requested the interview. She researched on past murders that had happened in Newtown. Maggie needed to see how many had involved drugs.

In addition, she wondered if prostitutes were a target for any murders.

Murder Down by the River in Newtown

Maggie went to the interview at the police department with the chief. It was as if she were pulling teeth trying to extract any information from the chief. He acts as if he is trying to hide something.

Maggie is curious now because she believes maybe the chief is covering up for himself or one of his officers. Due to the fact that he was made up some of the information she requested. Mainly because it was blatantly obvious it was false information.

The deeper she dug into the murders that have happened in Newtown. The more her finger pointed at the chief and some of the officers. Therefore once she finds enough “evidence. She will be contacting the state police or the FBI and turning all the information she has over to them.

Maggie received a phone call from some anonymous person. But the cacophony in the background made it impossible for her to hear the caller. She asked if the caller could go somewhere quieter so she could hear them.

The caller agreed and said they would call her right back. When the phone rang Maggie answered it and the voice on the other end started speaking.

The person was giving her a lot of information about a dirty officer and dirty chief.

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