Lisa’s Music Critique is a Ghost The Hunt Is On

Lisa’s Music Critique is a Ghost The Hunt Is On
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Lisas Music Critique is a Ghost The Hunt Is On is the second part of this short story.

Lisa is in the search of a ghost hunter.

So that she can try and communicate with Adomus her ghost critique.

Most noteworthy is Adomus was a famous violinist that previously lived in the house that Lisa lives in. And apparently, he is still living in the house. Because he has begun to critique Lisa by either clapping or not clapping.

Lisa is not afraid of Adomus the ghost. It is rather interesting having someone who was a quite famous violintist critique her.

So Lisa starts by searching for a ghost hunter. And she finally finds one that suits what she wants to do.

Also, the ghost hunter assures her that the group has the device. And they can use the spirit box quite well.

He also explains to her what she can expect to get as far as results to their hunt. They set up a time to meet.

The team of ghost hunters would need to come again. So they could prepare the house with cameras and recording devices for the hunt.

Lisas Music Critique is a Ghost The Hunt Is On to try and talk to him

Since Adomus is a famous violinist Lisa would love a chance to talk to him. Lisa is fairly famous as well but it is always nice to talk with someone who does the same thing.

The ghost Adomus is making his presence known more often. Maybe Adomus wants to very much so talk to Lisa as well.

Lisa constantly talks to Adomus even when she is not playing the violin. As a result, Adomus has started to react in different ways.

He has started to mess with the lights and has scattered music sheets all over the floor. Much as Lisa is wanting to talk with him it seems as if he is growing agitated the longer they wait.

Lisa is starting to get a feeling of fear at night time while sleeping. As a result, it is affecting her sleep patterns which are affecting her performances.





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