Town Quarantined After an Apocalyptic Infection is Discovered Part 2

Town Quarantined After an Apocalyptic Infection is Discovered Part 2
Photo by Holly Mindrup on Unsplash

So the Army released a statement on the quarantined town and the reason why they have it quarantined.

The town named Whitebridge was placed in quarantine after an apocalyptic infection caused by a virus called CVP-1 starting showing up.

Several people in the town have died, and several more are very sick.

How did the virus get to Whitebridge? The Army suggests that it is a practice run by a terrorist group, trying this poison out in a smaller city and then will ultimately turn around and hit the real target city.

The Army developed the virus CVP-1 and judging by the deaths and the very sick people the cause is the virus CVP-1. Someone either stole the virus CVP-1 where it was being stored, or there is someone on the inside working for this terrorist group.

Now the Army was searching for the investigative journalist that broke this story. The army has pleaded with local authorities to find this woman journalist and get her into a quarantined holding facility. They have tried to express how bad this virus is and that this woman is infected.

The local authorities tracked her down to the office where she works. She and the entire office building were placed into quarantine until further notice. This journalist may just well have killed her coworkers.If she is not infected then we can release her and her coworkers.

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