Town Quarantined After an Apocalyptic Infection is Discovered

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A Town was Quarantined After an Apocalyptic Infection is Discovered

. There have been three unexpected deaths in two days with much more expected.

The deaths are from what appears to be some kind of an Apocalyptic type of infection.

The army has closed off all roads leading into and out of this town. Only medical and research people are allowed in or out. The army’s best researchers and medical teams are working to determine where this infection originated.

An investigative journalist is trying to get into this town but the army is not having it. They keep telling her it is too risky to allow her to go into the town. So she decides she is going to sneak into the infected area to see what is really going on.

So she takes out through the woods in a move to get inside the city. As she is making her way around the town talking to people she makes it into the hospital to do some interviews.

She sees a man in the corner sitting alone and she goes up to him. She asked if she can ask a few questions, he allows her to ask them. Her first question was; Are you infected?

His eyes are a deep dark redness, almost black where the whites of his eyes used to be. He looks at her and leans over and says, “We all have it in here. We are all infected.” She is surprised by his answer and she says, “even me?” He shakes his head yes and leans back over against the wall, obviously, he doesn’t want to finish the interview.

This journalist has taken pictures and writing notes. She decides she has seen enough and now is attempting to go through the woods to get back out of the city.

Back in her office, she begins writing the story. The news places picked her story up and now it is going viral. The army see’s this interview posted and is taken back by the fact that she went into a restricted place and then came back out. She has put the lives of people outside the city limits in grave danger.

Now they had to go public with what was going on. Plus they needed to get to her and make sure she is Quarantined until further notice.


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