Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Conclusion

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Conclusion

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer ConclusionKentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Conclusion is the ending of a fictional story I wrote. This was a story about Barnsower B MacQueen.

He was a serial killer from Kentucky who collected the heads of those he killed.

He would decapitate his victims and store the heads in jars on shelves displaying them like trophies. Also he would put the name, date died, and how it happened on a label.

The FBI were sure they had their man they were positive that Barnsower B MacQueen was the killer. Therefore they had a judge to sign a search and arrest warrant for him.

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Conclusion Warrant in Hand

Finally with the warrants in their hands the FBI set out for the property of Barnsower B MacQueen.

So he was aware that the FBI was investigating, but he wasn’t aware they were on their way.

The FBI decided to park a little ways away and walk in they were afraid that he would run.

They arrived at their meeting point and started hiking towards the home. The closer they got the stronger the odor of death became.

Due to the fear he would run they surrounded the house they had guns drawn and were covering every exit.

The agents stepped up to the front door and knocked. Surprisingly Barnsower B MacQueen answered the door.

The agents stormed him and put him on the ground and handcuffed him.

They showed him the arrest warrant and the search warrant.

As the agents were looking around the house they discovered the basement door. With caution they headed down into the darkness.

They found the light switches and turned them on. As they looked around the basement they found the secret room and opened the door with caution. The stench of death was almost overpowering.

The agents entered the room and were horrified at what they found.

The first part of the room had shelf after shelf after shelf of jars with severed heads in them.

As they searched more they were happy to find five kids alive in the cage. These kids were the ones they were searching for.

Each one had been missing for more than one year.

As they continued their search they found his latest victim. A six year old boy he was still strapped to the torture table but sadly he had succumb to his injuries.

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Conclusion the evidence and punishment

All in all they found 133 severed heads each jar contained the name and the date they died and how he killed them.

Barnsower B MacQueen was charged with 133 counts of murder, 138 counts of kidnapping and a whole lot more charges.

He was found guilty and was sentenced to die. He served about 50 days in prison and he was executed by the state of Kentucky.




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