Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Part 2

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Part 2

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Part 2Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Part 2 is a story about a serial killer that is an absolute monster. Barnsower B MacQueen started off by killing his parents.

He then likes to drain the blood of his victims and baths in it. His claim is it’s good for his body, which he thinks is unhealthy.

Then he moved on to killing prostitutes. Now he is into abducting kids and torture them and then kill them.

Barnsower has about six kids in his “cage” he calls it keeping them to use for his pleasure.

He will choose one and take them out of the cage. Then he takes them to another part of the secret room he has. It is in a soundproof torture room.

They can scream all they like but no one will hear them except for him. The fear in the eyes of the kids is what he likes to see.

It is very gruesome what these kids endure while they are held captive. He likes to shock them with a taser, burn them with a hot piece of steal.

The more fear he can put into them the better their blood is for when he bathes in it.

These kids are fighters though, it usually takes a couple of days before he kills them.

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer Part 2 the FBI has him in their sights.

Barnsower thinks he has been getting away with this killing spree without anyone knowing.

The FBI has been on this investigation for a little while now.

They know where he lives and they assume he does the torture and killing there.

He has killed close to 100 people men, women, and children. And you don’t just kill that many people and not have someone putting you in their sights.

The FBI is making up a plan to go arrest Barnsower. All they are waiting on is a search warrant, once they get that they’re going to go get him.

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