Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial KillerKentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer is a name that was given to the one killing these people. The KY authorities say he has killed more than 100 people. They have not been able to come up with any suspects at this time.  But the modus operandi is the same in all the gruesome killings.

Barnsower B MacQueen was born in 1967 in Kentucky. Barnsower B MacQueen as a child his parents would abuse him mentally and physically. When he was 15 years old his father became his first victim. He killed his father by decapitating him, and then he bathed in his father’s blood.

When Barnsower B MacQueen was 18 years old he, took his mother’s head off. Barnsower B MacQueen had decapitated both parents while they were alive. He then drained the blood and took a bath in it.

He kept the heads of his parents in jars that were for preservation, or trophies to keep. There was a secret room in the basement of the home and he has the heads in there on shelves.

Barnsower B MacQueen had a taste for blood. So he felt he needed to continue on killing people. He resorted to hunting victims that were prostitutes. He would pick them up off the street and bring them back to his home. Then he would take them into the secret room and the torture would begin.

He made them do different sexual acts and if they refused he would remove fingers or toes. He would do this until they would comply and do what he said. Eventually, he would hang them upside down and cut their throats while they were alive and drain the blood.

Barnsower B MacQueen believed that by bathing in the victim’s blood would make him be healthier and live longer. Then he would cut their head off. Finally, placing it in a jar on a shelf to keep as a souvenir.

After decapitating the bodies he would simply burn the bodies like cremations and dispose of the ashes.

Kentucky Head Hunter Serial Killer moved on to Children

He then moved on from killing prostitutes to abducting children and torturing them. He claimed to have read somewhere that using the blood from a child was cleaner and healthier.

Barnsower B MacQueen has abducted five kids from different parts of the state. He keeps them caged down in the secret room in the basement. He keeps them fed well and clean. The cage has beds and a bathroom in it. The place where he does the torturing and killing is in another part of the secret room.

This way he can keep the kids calmer and tame. The other kids can’t hear the screaming coming from the tortured person. So they really don’t know what happens to the others only that they never see them again.







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