When the Dead Screams Your Name You Better Listen

When the dead screams your name
When the dead screams your name
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When the Dead Screams Your Name You Better Listen. That is something Todd knows all too well. His wife and daughter scream his name every night precisely at 02:59 AM and 03:06 AM.

This is the exact times for which his wife and daughter died two years ago. They died due to him drinking and driving. Then he switched seats with his dead wife to stay out of trouble.

So now Todd has to deal with his dead wife Jenny and his dead daughter Sarah screaming his name. This has led Todd to drink again as he tries to drown out the voices. Todd voluntarily committed himself two times because of the voices.

The doctor’s tell him there is nothing that can be done to stop them. Even with placing Todd on some very powerful psychedelic drugs. Which these are experimental but it doesn’t stop the voices from screaming his name.

Todd is constantly under attack by the ghost, throwing things off the shelves. He has had people come in the house and claim they cleaned the house of the unwanted spirits.

He has even gone to the graves of his wife and daughter. Todd has tried to beg and plead with them to leave him alone.

When the Dead Screams Your Name You Better Listen

The ghosts have about worn him out. He keeps visiting that woman that interprets dreams. She finally came out and told him that the only way to stop these ghost is to die.

He was in shock at what she said. Why are they wanting me to die, Todd asked? That is probably the easiest question to answer she told Todd. She said they feel you have wronged them. I believe without a shadow of a doubt that is what they want.

This sent Todd over the edge. He destroyed his home on the inside. It was getting close to the time for the screams to happen. He can’t handle it anymore his life is torn upside down since he lost his wife and daughter.

At 02:58 AM Todd slit his wrist and bled out on lying atop his wife’s grave with one of his arms draped and bleeding over his daughters grave. He was finally at peace, he joined up with his wife and daughter. The screams stopped that is truly what they wanted him to do. Jenny and Sarah only wanted her husband and father to be at peace with them.

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