When the Dead Screams Your Name

When the dead scream your name
When the dead scream your name
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I think it is safe to say that When the Dead Screams Your Name it can’t turn out good.

Todd was 35 years old when his wife Jenny, who he married right out of high school passed away. Their 11-year-old daughter named Sarah died also.

The two died because of a drunk driver. This happened about one year ago and Todd was starting to finally come to grips with it.

He finally had stopped drinking and was getting a handle on his life.

He was sleeping in the early hours on Thursday when something scared him awake. Todd didn’t think much about it at the time and just tried to get back to sleep. Then he heard his name a second time and this time he was sure of it.

The times he had heard the screams are the same times when his wife and daughter died. He had not caught on to this yet.

When Jenny and Sarah were killed they died just minutes apart with Jenny dying first.

When the Dead Screams Your Name you should listen

It continued to happen every morning at the exact same time. He had figured out that it was Jenny and Sarah and it was their voices that screamed his name. This has gone on for several months but he has not figured out why yet.

Jenny and Sarah died because of a drunk driver, Todd was that drunk driver. He has not made the connection yet as to why they were haunting him. It was driving him back to drinking as he was trying to drown out the voices.

It is so bad that he is now searching for someone to tell what was happening to him. He was searching for answers why they were tormenting him. Todd found a person who claims to interpret dreams.

He called and set up an appointment to see if this woman could tell him why this was happening. Todd was quite anxious to talk to this woman to see if she could tell him why this was happening.

When Todd got to the woman’s office he sat down and began to tell her what happened. He started back in the beginning. He had been drinking that night and he was driving when he had an accident.

The accident killed Jenny instantly. Todd had put her in the driver’s seat so that he wouldn’t get into trouble. His daughter died while he was changing seats with his dead wife.

Todd only ended up with a few superficial injuries. Todd tried to explain to this woman. He said that for the past few months he’s been awakened by his dead wife and daughter. They are screaming his name at the exact time they both died.

When the Dead Screams Your Name the why is answered

The woman said obviously your dead wife’s ghost is screaming your name at the moment she died. The same thing is happening with the daughter’s ghost. Apparently, your wife and your daughter are mad because you killed them and that nothing happened to you.

She told Todd that there was no way to stop this from happening. It is also hard to say how long this will continue.

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