Deal with a Demon was a Bad Idea


1Joshua was born in 1965 and he only alive for three days.

His parents though did a very bad thing, they made a Deal with a Demon was a Bad Idea.

The parents of Joshua knew he was very sick and probably would die.

So they summoned a demon named Abaddon and he was a very powerful demon. He had the ability to raise people from the dead. Joshua’s parents were desperate so they did the deal with Abaddon.

Because they were getting old and desperately trying to have a baby. After Joshua was born and he was so sick the Dr.’s gave up trying to save him. With Joshua literally dying his parents asked Abaddon to raise him from the dead.

Abaddon said, “it will cost both of your souls for me to do this deal.”  Joshua’s parents agreed. They would let Abaddon have their souls. Abaddon said, “I’ll be seeing you.” and with that poof, he disappeared.

Fast forward a few years and Joshua is now 46 and some strange things are beginning to happen. He began having some vivid dreams of bad things happening almost as if they were really happening.

In reality, Joshua didn’t know but those things were really happening. His nightmares were coming true and it would be a little while before he realized it. The dreams started off by showing him killing some neighborhood pets.

He killed them with his bare hands, ripping their heads clean off their bodies. He then drank some of the blood and ate some of the entrails. But when he would wake up he couldn’t find any sign of that happening for real.

Deal with a Demon was a Bad Idea

It also appeared that dogs and cats could sense something evil. The dogs and cats would start growling and hissing. It got so bad that Joshua was scared to be around them. He was afraid that these animals would attack kids or anyone that got too close to them.

Joshua was very popular in his neighborhood. But some real weird and scary things were happening.  As he walked around the house lights would start flickering and bulbs sometimes would blow.

The night times were getting very scary even for Joshua. He had a reoccurring nightmare that essentially was himself talking to Satan, and it seemed so real. The problem was that it was real  but Joshua didn’t realize this.

He didn’t believe anyone when they told him about his meetings with Satan. So he decided to set up a video camera in his bedroom to catch himself in the act of communicating with Satan. The next day Joshua watched as the horror show unfolded on his camera while he watched.

The conclusion for this short story will be posted later on….maybe today.

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