The Conclusion – That Clown is not Funny

John ran back to Lacey and their friends. The Conclusion That Clown is not Funny, he has to ask the others if the clown they saw was witty.

The others said you know what that clown was witty.

John said let’s go to the other party and see what’s going on.

There wouldn’t be any cops at this other party. So they got to the other party and it looked like kids were having a blast.

There was a huge bonfire going and someone had the music cranked up. There were beer and other types of liquor there too. It was about 11:50 PM and all of the sudden some kids were screaming.

One of the boneheads had dressed in a clown suit and scared the crap out of a few kids. So they made him leave and to not come back tonight. Since it was illegal to wear a clown suit in public..Maybe one of these days the town will lift the ban on clowns. Although I

Maybe one of these days the town will lift the ban on clowns. Although I can’t see them doing it anytime soon.

And then The Conclusion That Clown is not Funny

It was almost midnight and John had to get Lacey back home. As they were walking along the road they kept hearing something walking in the woods beside the road. They finally reached Lacy’s house and John walked her up to the door and kissed her goodnight.

John started back out the road when there was a scream coming from Lacy’s house. So John ran back and went in the house and there was Lacey’s family and all of them were dead.

The cops finally made it to circle drive where Lacey lived. They asked John and Lacey several questions and went outside to look around and found what appeared to be clown makeup.

It appears the clown has struck again. It only attacks on Halloween. So it appears the rest of the town will be safe until next year.


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