That Clown is not Funny

John is 15 years old and he is like any 15-year-old boy he thinks he knows everything there is to know about anything. And about That Clown is not Funny Paul Cox Writer.

He is like any other adolescent boy, he only thinks about one thing and that’s girls.

Where he lives, they like to stick to a tradition that has been going on for many years. That is to have a dance on Halloween. 

It keeps the kids safe and they seem to enjoy it. They have to come dressed in a costume. Then they get in free you also need to bring some kind of candy. The candy is for the homeless shelters and it is handed out to needy people. John asks a girl named Lacey to go to the dance with him, she said she would.

They decided to go dressed as  Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan. It was a sure winner for the best-dressed couple. It was a week and a half before the dance. The couple John and Lacey went shopping to try and find their costumes. They ended up going to several clothing stores in the area. They finally were able to get the clothes needed for the duo.


They went back home and got dressed up so they could practice their skit. It turned out to be very funny and would be a sure winner. The night of the dance they were dressed up and walking to the school. A car pulled alongside them and asked if they needed a ride. That was creepy because it was a clown that was driving the car. They didn’t know anyone that was coming dressed as a clown. This was asked in the rules to not dress as a clown.

Why weren’t people allowed to dress as a clown you ask?  Well about 5 years earlier on the night of the dance. A clown murdered an entire family in this little quiet town. And the clown had gotten away with it. And to see this clown tonight was kinda scary. But John nor Lacey called the police to report the clown sighting.

When they finally got to the high school where the dance was being held. They gave their candy to the officer that was at the front entrance. Then they went into the gymnasium. They found their friends inside they were talking. One of the friends said, “did anyone else see a clown driving around on their way to the dance?” They all answered saying, “yes, we did.”

But none of the kids had reported the clown sightings to the police. So John said he would go report the clown sighting and he would be right back. John caught up with the policeman at the front entrance and he told the cop about the clown. The cop asked him several questions one of them was “Was the clown witty?” Apparently, the clown that had killed that family was a witty type person.

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