The Launch that Failed

Jimmy was a 10-year-old boy that was obsessed with space and rockets.

Like lots of little boys his age, he dreamed of becoming an astronaut.

He was very smart for his age too and this gave his parents dreams of their son being successful in whatever path of life he chose to go on.

Jimmy had it set in his heart and mind he was going to become an astronaut.  He planned to explore the galaxies in search of alien life. Or another planet like Earth that people could live on.

His father was a successful businessman. His mother was a doctor so it was no problem for Jimmy to get his hands on money to buy do it yourself rockets. He had bought thousands of rockets and had several successful launch attempts.

Many though had failed miserably mainly because Jimmy liked to take the rockets and modify them and sometimes it would work but sometimes it would fail. On one particular Saturday morning, Jimmy was planning to launch a rocket into space. This rocket was going to have a go pro camera attached to it and a GPS tracker so he could recover the rocket once it’s flight was over.

The rocket stood over six feet tall and was fairly expensive plus with the GPS tracker and go pro camera that added more money. He had talked his father into paying a few thousand dollars out for this one rocket. As it got closer to launch time a few neighborhood kids started to gather getting ready to watch Jimmy launch this massive rocket into space.

Even the local news had shown up to do a story on Jimmy because he was so young. Jimmy worked alone too as you would think a project of this magnitude there would be people that helped. But Jimmy didn’t want anyone’s help and this is why on this day Jimmy would have the biggest failure in his lifetime of launching rockets.

Jimmy told everyone to get ready as he was about to launch the rocket. He had them to do a 10-second countdown and when they reached zero he clicked the launch button. The rocket engines fired and the rocket took off. It made it about 20 feet in the air and did a flip and came crashing down into the crowd of people that had come to watch Jimmy launch this massive rocket.

It ended up hurting about 10 kids with one being critical. This traumatized Jimmy for a lifetime he never messed with rockets again. He changed what he wanted to be when he grew up from wanting to become an astronaut to wanting to become a Dr. so he could save people that got hurt like those did that dreadful day.

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