I Thought It was a Bad Dream Until I woke Up Part 2

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I Thought It was a Bad Dream Until I woke Up Part 2, or did I wake up?

Maybe I am a Lucid dreamer, that is the ability to know you’re dreaming while you’re dreaming.

Maybe I have been asleep the whole time. All the while dreaming that I woke up and saw evidence of myself killing those kids and that crossing guard.

What if I dreamed it up about killing the other person and having to move because of it?

Has my whole life been a dream inside of a dream inside of a dream? Do I even exist? I got out of bed to try and figure this situation I am in out. Maybe I should call a psychiatrist.

Am I insane, or am I going crazy? I need help, but what if I really did kill all those people? My life is so confusing now, I don’t even know if I am awake or not. so I decided to get my cell phone and call my mom.

Looking through my contact list for my mom’s number and clicked talk. Some strange man answered the phone I said, “who is this?” the man on the other end said, “my name is John, who is this?”

I thought for a moment what happened to my mom? So I called my dad, and it was the same thing. My entire life seems to be just one big dream.

“Shouldn’t we wake him up, sir?” asked an assistant to a scientist he helped.

The scientist said, “No, you can’t wake him up, he’s been like this for the entire 38 years he has been alive. The Dr’s that delivered him 38 years ago had given up on him and tried to kill him by just throwing him out.” The strict rules of their births seemed irrelevant now.

The scientist continued saying, “Someone I assume found the baby in the trash and at some point got in touch with us, they knew we could at least keep him alive.”

The scientist said, “We have learned a great deal in the past 38 years from studying him.” The assistant said, “That is a shame that this person never had a chance to experience life, but yet thinks he has lived one.”

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2 thoughts on “I Thought It was a Bad Dream Until I woke Up Part 2

  1. I see this is old, but I DO find dreams interesting. Always have. Because I have some weird dreams. I often feel like dreams have their own memory system. Or maybe it’s something like dreams about dreams.

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