How I am Going to Kill My Family

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Marcy is a 30-year-old woman that is always daydreaming about How I am Going to Kill My Family.

She has three kids and a husband she married when she was 20 years old.

She has been in a rut and she is having a hard time trying to get out.

So she is planning on killing her family, all of them. When she was growing up she thought she wanted to marry and have a family, now she wants out.

Her kids are all brats because she tries to discipline them but her husband won’t allow it to happen. She grew up with her parents being very strict with lots of rules. If the rules were broke then you would have to face the music.

She works at a job she hates and she faces constant sexual harassment. The company will do nothing about it. She can’t quit because her husband is out of work and she is the only one bringing in any money.

How I am Going to Kill My Family

She has been secretly saving some money which was going to be for college. And she has been taking lessons from a gun range with a high-powered rifle and scope.

Marcy has it all planned out on how she is going to do it. As soon as she feels confident enough in her shooting she is going kill her husband first. They live in a wooded area out in the hills and hollers.

She plans to just go up on the hill for a “walk” one day. So she can catch her husband out in the yard and pick him off. Her heathen kids will be easier she plans to run a car into the lake and drown them all.

She feels this is the only way out of this horror story she is living in. Marcy has contemplated suicide but she doesn’t want to end her life, she wants her family dead.

Her husband is lazy and refuses to work and her kids disrespect her all the time. And he won’t allow her to discipline them at all and he doesn’t do it either. He allows them to do as they please and she has had enough.

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