We All Scream For Ice Cream – Late Night Ice Cream Truck

creepy ice cream truckDecided since it was a nice summer night I would sleep with the window open. For some reason I had a jingle stuck in my mind. It was We All Scream For Ice Cream –  Late Night Ice Cream Truck.

No matter how hard I tried this jingle wouldn’t go away.

At 3 am I woke up out of a very sound sleep. I was groggy and didn’t really know where I was for a few seconds. Then I realized I was in my room in my bed. All of the sudden I hear an ice cream truck outside of your house.

I was terrified, first I couldn’t get We All Scream For Ice Cream –  Late Night Ice Cream Truck out of my mind. Now a creepy Ice Cream truck is outside playing a very disturbing version of an ice cream truck song.

It was sitting out in the street playing that creepy song over and over. When I looked outside there was a creepy fog surrounding the ice cream truck. It made it difficult to see the driver.

Though hard to see, I could see it was a clown I hate clowns. Especially ones outside my house at 3 AM playing that creepy song. So I called 911 and reported it and asked for an officer to come check it out.

I could imagine the police having a good laugh at me. So I only hoped they would hurry. This has been going on for at least 15 minutes and the cops still have not shown up.

Would they ever show up? What happens if they don’t? Am I going to have to fight for my life from this creepy clown? I pretty much could tell he was looking at my house. Also, it appeared that he had this big smile on his face.

creepy clown


45 minutes now and still no cops. That music why was it so loud? And why was no one else up looking out like I was? Was I awake or still asleep? Was I already dead? That music seems to be getting louder.

I could tell my anxiety was about to kick in. But I was afraid to take my pills for that because it knocks me out. I wanted to be ready in case I had to run. Where were the cops? Why have they not shown up? It’s been close to an hour now.

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