Murders are Happening at Scary Pond out in the Woods Part 2

Police searching shores of the pond

The police started to walk closer to the screams coming from.

The Murders are Happening at Scary Pond out in the Woods Part 2 pond.

While they are walking they are wondering what the screams could be.

They have never heard screams like these before. These sounded like demonic screams. And once they got near the pond everything went dead silent. It was very creepy, the sheriff and deputies have never seen anything like this before.

The sheriff and his men scanned the area around the pond for signs that someone had been there. As a result, they knew they weren’t going to find anything in the dark. So they decided to call it a night and return in the daylight.

Murders are Happening at Scary Pond out in the Woods Part 2

The sheriff the next day got in touch with a paranormal investigator to help with these sounds. Even though the sheriff did not believe in demons and ghosts and everything else that goes bump in the night.

He decided he better pull out all the stops in order to draw a conclusion as to what this was.

That night the paranormal investigators went with the sheriff out to the pond area. And they started setting up their equipment.

The sheriff and his deputies stood and watched the cluster of investigators placing cameras and microphones all over the place.

As the night progressed the investigators were able to catch the screams coming from what seemed like the fog.

pond with fog

As morning approached one of the investigators found a wire that was going up one of the trees around the pond.

As he followed the wire up the tree he saw that it was connected to a speaker.

He called the sheriff over to show him what he had found. As they followed the wire from the tree to see where it led to they speculated what it might be.

It turns out that the county where they were has a lot of moonshiners and marijuana growers.

That would explain why they wanted to try and scare people away with the demonic screams and the heavy fog.

But this did not explain the disappearance of the people in the county. So the sheriff and his deputies will have to work a little harder to figure out where these people are.

The sheriff had a glorious feeling after they figured out it was not real demons hanging out at this old pond.

He will just keep investigating the disappearance of these people in his county until he finds out what happened to them.

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