The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Conclusion

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Dennis Maurice Benbow is The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Conclusion.

Black Hollow is a small town that rarely has seen any violent crimes.

Consequently, Dennis was leaving behind some very violent crime scenes. 

Seems like the violent crime scenes like these the police officers and detectives have never seen before.

Also, it wasn’t like Dennis was even trying to hide any of the crime scenes. As a result, the FBI was called in after the last murder to help with the case.

They concluded that the killer would be tall, skinny, late 20’s, male, a loner, physically unclean and would kill again. In conclusion, they were right.

The Final Murders

Dennis The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Conclusion did kill again. Yet this murder would be his last and by far his worst. This murder also qualified as a mass murder.

Dennis entered the house of Katie Brown. She was babysitting her 22-month-old nephew David.

Her six-year-old son and a neighbor were also in the house. Dennis went into the house where he encountered the neighbor first, shooting him in the head.

He then stole the neighbor’s wallet and keys. He went on to rummage through the house and came upon her six-year-old son.

Dennis shot him in the head killing him instantly. He also shot Katie in the head killing her too. As before he raped the corpse and cut her head open and consumed some of the brains.

In addition, he cut open her abdomen and drank the blood and ate some of the organs.

Dennis also took the 22-month-old baby with him as he fled the scene. He killed the baby in his apartment. He decapitated it, cut open the abdomen and took out several organs.

And he made smoothies with them and drank the blood.

The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Conclusion

A woman contacted the FBI and local police and said she believed the killer was Dennis Maurice Benbow.  She went to school with him and she said that the police sketch looked like Dennis.

So they did some checking and he had a registration for a .22-caliber handgun, which is what was used in all the murders.

They went to Dennis’s apartment but he wouldn’t answer the door. So the FBI and local cops hid and waited and watched from a distance.

Dennis thought since it got quite outside that they had left. So he gathered up the babies corpse placed it in a box and walked out of his apartment.

The FBI and police caught Dennis trying to get away driving Katie’s neighbor’s car that he stole after he killed him. They arrested Dennis for the murder of six people.

During the trial, the District Attorney and his team had to recreate the murder scenes for the jury.

A jury found Dennis guilty of six counts of first-degree murder. The defense asked for a clemency hearing, in which a judge determined that Dennis was not legally insane; Dennis was sentenced to die in the gas chamber. 

While being on death row for some time waiting to be put to death Dennis committed suicide by overdosing on prison prescribed Antidepressants.


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