The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Part 2

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Dennis Maurice Benbow is  The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Part 2.

While growing up he would capture, kill, and disembowel different animals.

He would then eat them raw. Most importantly he would sometimes mix the raw organs with a Coca-Cola. So he added that concoction to a blender and would drink it like a smoothie.

Dennis believed that by ingesting the animals he was preventing his heart from shrinking. He feared that if it shrank too much it would disappear and then he would die.

As The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Part 2

At the age of 27, he moved on from animals and started killing people. Consequently, the killings got a lot more graphic. His first human killing wasn’t too dramatic.

Maybe it was just to see what actually happens. Dennis’s first human kill was a drive-by shooting. He then waited for a few months to kill again. He wanted to let things cool down.

Dennis’s next victim was a 30-year-old woman who was pregnant. While he was rummaging through her house she surprised him. So he shot her three times with the 22 caliber handgun killing her and her baby.

He then raped the corpse while stabbing the body multiple times with a butcher knife. The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Part 2 then began to remove multiple organs and eat them. It must have been flavorful to him.

Dennis also drank the blood from her body. Also, he gathered dog feces from the yard and stuffed it down her throat.

Dennis undoubtedly was insane, mentally ill, and crazy. Therefore releasing him from the mental hospital was crazy in itself.

He seemed to have fallen through some cracks in the system. Had he not been released there would have been one less The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow Part 2.

After his last kill, he laid low because of the severity he didn’t want to be caught. It would be a couple of months before he would make his last kills.

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