The Sadistic Blood Drinker of Black Hollow

DennisDennis Maurice Benbow was born February 9, 1971, in Black Hollow.

Early in his life, he was abused by both his mother and his father.

He was sexually, mentally and physically abused. 

By the time he was an early teenager he was already showing signs of The Macdonald triad. The triad links cruelty to animals, obsession with fire setting, and persistent bedwetting past a certain age. It also leads to violent behaviors, particularly homicidal behavior, and sexually predatory behavior.

Dennis said also his pulmonary artery had been stolen. This is why he drank blood. Also, he thought that his cranial bones had separated and were moving around. He would often be seen holding oranges to his head. Dennis believed that the vitamin C would be absorbed by his brain by way of diffusion.

When he was 13 years old he killed a neighbors cat. He disemboweled it and drank the blood he also ate some of the organs raw. He later on in life would say this helped to replenish his blood that was leaking out. During his teenage years, he got heavy into alcohol and drugs.

Dennis caught a rabbit one time and after he cut it open and ate some of the organs raw. He then injected some of the blood into his own blood vein. But he got very sick doing this but he continued this trend on up through the years. When Dennis injected himself with the rabbit’s blood he contracted blood poisoning.  And was involuntarily committed to a mental institution for injecting himself with the blood.

While he was in the mental institution he always talked about killing the rabbits and birds and things. One time the nurses came into his room. He was smeared with blood on his face. They came to find out he captured two birds and killed them and drank their blood.

As an adult, Dennis was released and moved back in with his mother, where he began to accuse her of attempting to murder him via poison.  His parents bought an apartment for him and he continued to capture and torture and kill the animals and drink their blood.

On one occasion Dennis knocked on his mother’s door. When she answered the door he had ahold of a rabbit. He grabbed it and ripped it apart. Dennis then dropped to his knees and ate the organs and drank the blood in front of her. She calmly closed the door and did not ever report it to the authorities.

He had somehow gotten money to buy some guns and got quite good with a 22 caliber handgun. When Dennis was 27 years old he graduated from killing and torturing animals and moved on to people.

Dennis was driving around one afternoon and saw an older gentleman. The older man was doing something out besides of his car. As Dennis drove passed he shot the old man in the back and it killed him. A few months later he would kill again.

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