The Valley Of Terror The Stolen Treasure

Volunteers neededThe President of the United States put out a request for volunteers to return to The Valley Of Terror The Stolen Treasure on Earth and bring back the treasure.

The mission was to return The Valley Of Terror The Stolen Treasure.

Scientist and mining experts and brute force laborers made up the crew.

They will be hunting for The Amulet Of The Watchers.

Centuries ago an ancient tribe had it made and it was considered one of the civilization’s most impressive treasures.

It has been a source of conflict through the years, carefully guarded by those unlucky enough to possess it for a short period of time. Although many have boasted about owning it, few have dared to wield its power.

Explorers Heading back to Earth

Legend claims that no one can own the Amulet Of The Watchers for long because sinister forces will take it from whoever is lucky enough to obtain it.

The famous explorer Aaron Carr claimed that it mysteriously disappeared from its well-guarded vault – but as no one else witnessed this, the story cannot be confirmed.

Those who once possessed the Amulet Of The Watchers claim that it has fantastic ice powers.

Others dispute the idea that anyone ever owned the artifact and say that its true purpose is harmless. Only the discovery of the artifact can uncover the truth.

This treasure is invaluable according to the President, and we must have it on Mars. Some say it holds special powers while others say it is just the gold that the President wants to be returned.

Well, it would be a penchant to find a great treasure like this. But it will be really dangerous to go back to Earth.

The President is sending troops to go back to Earth with the scientist, miners and the laborers to protect them.

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