The Valley Of Terror – The Worst Disaster Imaginable

mars colonyThis short story is about the valley of terror the worst disaster imaginable. In the year 2195, the United States of America has built colonies on Mars.

Mars was picked as the location of the colonies because the earth is rapidly becoming less livable due to all the pollution and wars.

There was enough room in the colonies for 400 million people. No other country besides the US offered up any money or help of any kind so that is all who will move there.

Disaster on the High-Speed Rail

A high-speed rail system is the mode of travel on Mars. The trip taking workers to work the valley of terror, the worst disaster imaginable happened.

Built inside a tube like a tunnel except this runs on the surface of the planet. This disaster happened because someone decided to disobey a rule that was in place to prevent this disaster.

People can freely breathe on their own inside the tube holding the high-speed rail. If there is pressure in the tube there is no need for space suits.

The whole train all 5,000 people died, and it was a horrible death too at the valley of terror the worst disaster imaginable.

At the valley of terror the worst disaster imaginable an investigation begins.

They are checking everyone’s ID to see if you are who is who and if you had access to the control room for the rail.

I feel sorry for the people who have the daunting task of removing 5,000 dead bodies.

Burial was in a massive grave. About a month after the accident the case was solved and the person behind the disaster was ordered to die.

In 2195 we no longer put bad people in prisons. There is no waiting If the prisoner is sentenced to die he is sent straight to the firing line. And yes I said firing line, using laser guns.

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