The House at the End of Butcher Street – Part 6

Steven before strung upIt has been months now since Trixy had been killed in The House at the End of Butcher Street Part 6.

And now little Steven has been tortured and molested by Robert for over a month.

He has been very traumatized, he’s been beaten, cut with a knife, shocked with electricity, ice cold water poured on him.

He is not allowed to go to a bathroom but it made to pee and defecate right where he stands.

Steven has not been able to lie down since before he was kidnapped.

Robert has shown no Sympathy towards Steven. The little boy is a lot tougher than most men. He has survived a lot of abuse from Robert including having all of his fingernails pulled off. How can one man have so much evil inside him?

The House at the End of Butcher Street Part 6 has become a scene straight out of a horror movie. The only difference is this is real and not make-believe. Unbeknownst to Robert but the FBI is working to capture him.

The FBI has been given lots of evidence that keeps pointing to The House at the End of Butcher Street Part 6.

In fact, the FBI was putting together enough evidence to get a search warrant for Roberts home. He has killed many people since he killed Trixy.

Steven has just been used as a toy for Roberts sick and evil mind. Robert headed back down to torture Steven yet again.

He went into the torture/killing room and picked up a hammer and grabbed Stevens foot. Steven was screaming bloody murder but it fell upon deaf ears. He swung the hammer and smashed Steven’s big toe on the opposite foot from the cut Achilles tendon.

Steven was in severe pain and screaming and bleeding, he was banged up and bruised all over. And it didn’t appear that Robert was done anytime soon. He left Steven screaming and bleeding.

Steven screaming


The FBI finally got a search warrant approved and they came in force to The House at the End of Butcher Street Part 6.

They came to the front door and knocked on the door. Robert oddly enough answered it and they shoved the search warrant in his face. The FBI kept Robert out of the house and they began their search for clues.

They found an article of clothing that was from a small boy. They immediately put Robert in handcuffs. The FBI asked him where Steven was and Robert just laughed at them.

They were searching the basement of Roberts house and came upon a hidden door. The FBI got the door opened up and it smelled horrible, it smelled of death. They found Steven still strung up by handcuffs and called for paramedics to come.

They got Steven out of the handcuffs and sat him down on the floor. It was the first time in months that Steven had sat down. His muscles and tendons in his shoulders were pulled from being stretched up for so long.

The paramedics arrived and assessed Steven as being critical, they rushed him to the hospital.

Steven tied up

Robert was taken to jail, they found enough evidence in that house to link him to several murders, plus kidnapping. Robert was sentenced to death.

Steven was put in the hospital but sadly he passed away. His small body had taken a lot of abuse and it was just too late. Where he had been cut had gotten infected and the infection took over his body and he was too far gone to save. The End

Stevens casket being buried

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