The House at the End of Butcher Street – Part 5

RobertRobert made his way back to the house at the end of Butcher Street Part 5 with Steven’s little body.

He dragged Steven He dragged Steven into his torture and killing room.

Robert put Steven in handcuffs and strung him up just as he had done Trixy.

He will probably be unconscious for a while.

Robert was going to find himself in a Peculiar situation with the kidnapping.  Because he can be assured that this disappearance will be investigated. And if he’s not very careful he will be caught.

It was now late at night, it was 11:00 PM. He saw a police car coming towards the house at the end of Butcher Street part 5.

It turned into the house where little Steven lived. Robert could only imagine what was going on.

He was not worried about the screaming that Steven will be doing. He designed the torture and killing room to be sound proof.

As in the previous torture/killing, Robert did he was sure there was going to be screaming.

In fact, that is what he wants that is what drives Robert to feel he needs to do this. He gets off on the screaming, it makes him feel powerful.

The Next Day

Robert decided to wait to get started and see if the cops and things quiet down or what was going to happen. So he went down into the soundproof room to check on Steven.

He was awake and crying wanting to go home. Robert laughed and said they ain’t gonna happen.

Steven asked Robert what he was going to do to him. Robert came right out and told him that he was going to torture and kill him. No sense in beating around the bush. Steven was crying and screaming to let him go.

He told Steven to scream all he wanted to. No one would hear him in the house at the end of Butcher Street part 5. That this was a soundproof room and plus the louder he screamed the more that he liked it.

The first thing that Robert did to Steven was to pull off a fingernail on his right hand. It was going to be a long slow and agonizing death for Steven.

Next, Robert took off Steven’s shoes. He grabbed Stevens foot and held it and took a knife and cut Steven’s Achilles tendon. He was in great pain now and was screaming for Robert to stop.

After doing that to Steven he thought he would just leave the boy alone and let that wound bleed. Robert took a rag and tied it around the ankle to slow the bleeding. And then he left the torture/killing room.

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