The House at the End of Butcher Street – Part 3

RobertRobert is going to have to learn to control his excitement because he almost had a wreck before he got to Butcher Street.

The prostitute’s name was Trixy. He got her out of the back of the van. Then he took her to the side entrance to the basement where his play room was.

He got Trixy inside and threw her on the floor. Then he took and hooked her handcuffs to a chain. He then hoisted her into the air just enough that her toes barely touched the floor. 

Down in the Basement

It was cold and damp in the basement, but Robert was sweating heavily. He kept the duct tape on her mouth and he picked up his knife. Then he began to drag the razor sharp edge across her legs. This was causing cuts in her legs and the blood was starting to seep from them.

Her muffled screams were getting louder and he was enjoying it, his malicious laughter reached a crescendo. The more she screamed the more he enjoyed it. He takes the duct tape off of Trixy’s mouth so he can hear her scream.

He didn’t want to kill her, yet so he stopped with the knife and picked up a handheld tazor. Then he zapped her with it and she was begging him to stop. She really didn’t have anything to bargain with.

Bored after four hours and so Robert grabs an electric drill and he took around behind her. She was screaming what are you doing. He didn’t say a word and he just stuck the drill into her back and turned it on. That went into her heart killing her and he let her down off the chain hoist.

Now he had to dispose of the body. Robert had a tank that held 500 gallons of sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide. A strong base, commonly known as lye. 300 degrees is what the tank is. That lye solution would turn her body into a tan liquid. It would be the consistency of mineral oil in just three hours.

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