The House at the End of Butcher Street – Part 2

Roberts Ugly MugI suspect Robert will move on to more evil things, killing, and torture at his End Of Butcher Street house that is all he knows and I imagine it will be soon.

His torture and killing room in the basement is almost ready. For someone who didn’t finish high school, he sure is smart.

He has made the room in the basement completely sound proof. Robert could blow something up and you would never hear it.

They Don’t Know Who Lives At End Of Butcher Street – It’s a Monster

People that lived in the neighborhood on the End of Butcher Street did not know just how evil Robert was.  Nobody knew he was going to start preying on those in the neighborhood.

He was a peeping Tom – in which I would think was pretty bad. He was not that bad of a neighbor yet.

Years ago he was caught peeking into peoples windows. And he spent time in jail for that.

Robert sold some antiques for a fair amount of money. He went and bought himself a panel van. One without any windows in the back except for the back doors. And he went and had them tinted black you could not see in them.

Van Robert Uses to Haul Victims
1963 Ford Econoline Van

The van was black just like the night.  It wasn’t a shiny black as he didn’t want it to stand out.

He had even fixed the inside of the van as a soundproof room too. It had hidden away compartments that could be opened to reveal handcuffs to tie up his victim’s.

Robert Lives at the End Of Butcher Street

For someone who did not finish high school, he was smart. Robert had bought several black outfits to wear. He was going use them to be able to stay hidden, camoed in the darkness. Robert started walking around the End of Butcher Street again at night time, he was hunting his prey.

He decided he was ready and there would be no finite on how far this was going to go. He is going to try out his torture and killing room at his home on the End of  Butcher Street. Robert decided his first victim was going to be a prostitute. Nobody would miss that kind of person. He began driving around the city looking for his target.  A woman that he pulled up beside and she asked if he wanted some company. He shook his head yes with an evil grin.

Prostitute Robert Kills

The prostitute climbed into Robert’s van and he drove off to a secluded spot where he got in the back. Without knowing what was back there she climbed into the back of the van. She was thinking she was about to have sexual relations with Robert.

She was met with a choleriform rag and that knocked her unconscious. Robert had crossed the line of no return and he liked it. He liked it a lot. Robert is trying to get home.

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