The House at the End of Butcher Street

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Robert was 10 years old when his mother began to sexually, mentally and physically abuse him. While It happened at The House at the End of Butcher Street.

He had no brothers or sisters, he had no friends and no relatives living nearby.

He and his mother lived in the house. The house was left to his mother by her mother at the end of Butcher street. It was an old Napoleon III style mansion. But it was run down and took on a haunting appearance after dark.

The neighborhood kids were scared to death of the home and the occupants when it was dark.

Robert was a loner growing up. He often killed small animals and the neighbor’s pets. He quit school at the age of 17. And he lived with his mother until her death he was 45 and that is when things really started.

Tales of evil things that were said to have happened in that house. It was the subject of ghost stories around campfires for years. Robert rarely took a bath and had not cut his hair in years. He had a long beard he was pure evil looking.

Robert started getting in trouble for killing small animals from around his neighborhood cats, and dogs mostly.

The House at the End of Butcher Street

There was a lot of hate associated with how he killed the animals too. He killed them in the most violent way he could, he would skin them alive, or scald them in water. Robert would even put them in a metal box and build a huge fire. He left them to die in the box in the fire.

He was also known as a peeping Tom too. In addition, he had been caught several times peeking into windows and sneaking around peoples houses after dark. During the day you never saw him it was almost as if he were a vampire.

Robert was getting braver, he was getting more evil. The kids in the neighborhood were right to be scared of him.  Lisa lives on the same street as Robert. She is of the wealthy class, she has money. Also, Lisa was very rude to people in general especially people like Robert.

Lisa has blonde hair blue eyes, wears expensive clothes all of the time, drives fancy cars whenever she does drive. She does not work anywhere. Lisa got rich because her father passed away. He left all of his belongings to her including the $100 million dollars.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

Learning about Lisa who lived by The House at the End of Butcher Street

Lisa has two children a boy age 12 and a girl age 10. They have many friends that come to The House at the End of Butcher Street to play with them. Robert has been eyeing them for some time now. He just has not mustered up enough courage yet to go any further than just fantasizing.

Lisa is not married but does have her “boy toy” he is just 22 years old – she is 40. Teddy is his name and he is her pet. He will do anything for her because she supports his drug and alcohol habit. Teddy is also not a bit nice to Robert. He has even splashed water out of a rain puddle on purpose on Robert.

Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash

Robert has been spending a lot of time in the basement of that old house. He is making it into his lair where he will be doing what he knows best – torturing and killing. But he’s only been able to do animals and his taste for blood is growing rapidly. I anticipate that he will move on from animals to humans soon.

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