The Body in the Woods – Part 7

Photographer: Mark Sylvester

Officer Patrick made it back to the police station so he could review the tapes that he had obtained.

The last tape he had viewed the attacker came into the frame just as the tape ended. He put in the next tape and hit the play button and the attacker came right into plain sight.

Officer Patrick was looking at all the details of the video and he made an observation that the attacker had some sort of ring on his finger,

Tom wore no rings. Maybe Tom took the ring off after the attack, but Patrick remembered not seeing in white bands around his fingers that would indicate he wore a ring.

The man in the video looked like Tom in the face but the hair was different, and the guy in the video looked a little taller than Tom.

Officer Patrick called Linda and asked her if Tom had any brothers and Linda said, “he did have a brother but Tom told her that he was locked away in a Psychiatric hospital.”

Patrick asked her if she knew what the brother’s name was, she said it was Jerry and that she didn’t know the name of the hospital that he was supposed to be in.

Tom got up the next day early and went straight to the house where the owner of that ring lived. He knocked on the door and a few mins later a man appeared at the door and opened it and said, “come on in brother.”

Tom said, “How have you been Jerry?” Jerry said, “I am doing ok, how about yourself?” Tom said, “I have been okay.” They chit chatted for a little bit and Tom said, “Jerry, why were you in Philidelphia a day or so back?”

Jerry tried to lie his way out and Tom wasn’t buying it. Tom said,”Jerry, I should turn you into the police” and Jerry said, “For what?” Tom pulled out the class ring and slammed it down onto the table and said, “Guess where I found this?”

Tom said because what you did to that little girl is wrong and they’re trying to blame me for it. She is alive and in the hospital and she described me as her attacker. Jerry pleaded with his brother to not call the police, but Tom had to clear his own name.

Tom called Officer Patrick and told him the whole story, and where he was and that he had his brother so he could come and get him. After a short while, the police arrived and arrested Jerry for rape and attempted murder of Emily Johnson – The Body in the Woods – case closed.

Emily and her family got justice – Jerry was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole. They got psychological help for Emily and things seemed to be going well. Tom and Linda have become close friends with Emily and her family.

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