The Body in the Woods – Part 6

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Tom had driven his car a few miles away and parked it in a parking garage and left on foot heading for the train station.

He arrived at the train station and got a ticket from Philidelphia to Baltimore and he boarded the train.

He had been lucky to not be spotted by any police yet but he knew he had to keep going.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a class ring, he rubbed it and just shook his head and tears streamed down his face.

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Back in Philly, Officer Patrick was trying to get a lead on where Tom was headed, they had a police chopper up in the air looking for Tom’s car.

They had extra police out patrolling looking for Tom up and down the interstate. Tom’s place of employment confirmed that Tom had lied to his wife that there was no business trip, and it sure looked as if Tom was guilty of rape and was on the run.

But Officer Patrick wasn’t really 100% sure that Tom was running, as it didn’t seem like Tom was the kind of person that would run from the law.

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Linda was all upset and crying and in shock, at what they claimed Tom had done. She knew her husband and knew he did not do this crime that they were accusing him of, Tom didn’t have it in him to do such things.

Officer Patrick asked Linda if there was anyone that she could call and get to come stay with her and she said she was going to call her sister to come over and help her deal with this.

Officer Patrick told her that things were going to be alright and that if Tom called her to please try and get him to turn himself in and also to contact him and tell him where Tom was, she agreed to do so.

Tom got off the train in Baltimore and he knew exactly where he was headed, he was headed to the house of the owner of that class ring.

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The closer he got the madder he became. But it was getting late and Tom needed to get a place to stay the night because if he were to continue on he knew that the owner of that ring would not be home until the next day.

What is so special about this class ring you ask? Well, I can’t quite give the details out on it just yet, you’re just going to have to wait.

That Ornery Look

I never intended for this “short story” to keep going and going and going, but it is growing into a book it seems like.

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