The Body in the Woods – Part 4

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Officer Patrick made his way back to the maintenance building for the walking trail.

The trail where the little girl was found. He needed to pick up two more tapes which should show her attacker. Because in the previous tape that ended just as who is thought to be her attacker entered the screen.

Officer Patrick’s cell phone rang as he was headed back to the police station and it was the hospital, the little girl was awake and talking but still very weak.

So Officer Patrick made a U-turn and headed for the hospital as he wanted to talk to the little girl. He arrived and headed straight for her room but the Dr treating the little girl stopped him as he needed to talk to the Officer.

The Dr told Patrick that the little girl had been raped and beaten presumably the attacker thought she was dead is all that saved her life.

Officer Patrick thanked the Dr and then opened the door to the little girl’s room and walked in. He pulled up a chair beside her bed and started talking with her.

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He asked if the little girl knew what her name was, she said her name was “Emily Johnson” and he asked if she knew her parent’s names and she told him, yes their names are Tammy and Jim Johnson.

He asked if she knew the phone number and she gave it to him and he said okay I am going to go call them so they can be on their way to see her.

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Officer Patrick called and introduced himself and told Jim Johnson who answered the call, that he and his wife needed to come to the hospital that their daughter had been found on a walking trail and was in critical condition but was now in stable condition.

He was gone only for a few minutes and returned and told her that he had spoken to her mom and dad and that they were on their way to the hospital.

Officer Patrick asked Emily if she could remember anything and she said the only thing she could remember was that she was walking out that path and something hit her in the head and that when she woke up she was in the hospital.

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He asked why she was walking on that trail and she said that she was there to meet one of her dad’s friends that had called her. Officer Patrick asked who this friend of her father was and she said it was Tom and that she didn’t know his last name, but the description she gave Patrick matched Tom the man that had “found” her on the walking trail.

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