The Body in the Woods – Part 2

The officer – Officer Patrick – headed back to the police department to start processing the evidence that was collected at the scene out on the trail in the woods.

He left word at the hospital to contact him if there was any change in the little girl’s condition, especially if she was able to talk.

Tom and Linda headed back home as it had been a rough day for both of them. Neither of them could get the little girl off their minds.

They decided to pray for the little girl, “Dear God, we come to you today to ask that you take that little girl in your arms, wrap her in your love and heal her Lord so that they can get some information from her so the police can solve what happened to her.

Lord, we ask that you bless the police and keep them safe, we ask that you watch over us and keep us safe also. We thank you, Lord, for the beautiful weather you have given us, and we thank you for sending your son to earth to die for our sins. Lord, we ask these things today in Jesus’ name Amen.”

Officer Patrick made up the flyer that had the picture of that little girl he drove back out to the trail and saw a maintenance worker and he was talking to him and asked him if he had ever seen that little girl out on the trail or around here locally and the worker said he had not seen her.

The worker mentioned that there were security cameras all over the trails maybe she would be on the cameras. Officer Patrick followed the worker back to the maintenance building where the camera monitors and tapes would be.

With the tapes from the previous three days on the trails, officer Patrick headed back to the police station to watch them and study them. Tom and Linda had also asked officer Patrick that if he found out anything to please let them know and he said he would.

Officer Patrick sat down at the Tv monitor and put in the first tape and he watched and watched and nothing was found on that tape. He then put in tape two and again he watched and watched and then there she was.

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