The Body in the Woods

A young woman and a man presumably her boyfriend/husband were walking on a trail in the woods admiring the trees and the wild flowers.

They were holding hands and talking and laughing and looked to be enamored by the forest.

The woman (Linda) spotted something off the trail about 50 yards and asked the man (Tom) “what is that over there?” He looked and said, “I think that is a person” and he told her, “wait here” and he walked off the trail and over to it. He rushed back to her and said, “It is a body of a girl and she looks dead, what should we do”?

Linda said, “we should call the police” and so they did. Tom dialed 911 on his cell phone and told the police that he and his girlfriend were walking on a hiking trail and that they had found a body and that they looked dead. The police told Tom to stay where he was and that they were sending a police officer to them and that he would need to show the officer where exactly the body was.

The officer arrived about 10 minutes later and met Tom and Linda at the trail head and he took their statements before walking out the trail to where the body was. The officer asked Tom if he had touched the body and Tom said no. So the three walked out the trail to where the body was and the cop told Tom and Linda to come over to the body with him and they did.

When they reached where the body was the first thing the officer did was to check to make sure the person was not alive by feeling for a pulse. He said he felt a weak pulse and he radioed his dispatch that the victim was alive and that he needed paramedics to come here.


The officer checked for gun or knife wounds looking for bleeding he found no wounds. The person – a female – looked to be about 15 years old and her face was badly bruised. She was unresponsive but was barely alive. The paramedics arrived and assessed the girl and were baffled by what they saw. The only bruising was on the face and appeared to have no other marks on her. They loaded her onto the stretcher and packed her out to the waiting ambulance.

The little girl had no identification on her. All the officer could do was take a picture of her face so that he could make flyers up so the detectives could try to find out who she was and what happened to her. The police officer told Tom and Linda that they could go and he gave them a business card and if they had anything else to add to call him.

© 2017  All Rights Reserved Paul Cox

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