Where I Grew Up Is Hidden Away Part 10

Where I Grew Up Is Hidden Away Part 10 in a holler on Quick’s Run Road. It’s out in the middle of lost and found.

I wished I still lived up that holler, it was so peaceful.

Every great once in a while there would be a wreck on the road. It was almost like a reunion because people came out to see the wreck.  It might have been a while since you seen this person. 

We had a little country store there that my family operated for a few years. My dad would go up to Portsmouth, Ohio to a wholesale grocery store and we would get huge shopping carts. They would be running over with things to restock the store with. Not to mention the thousands of dollars in orders we put out to places that delivered groceries to us too.

We had a deli and kept a lot of different meats and cheeses in stock to sell sandwiches.  The Iery boys, Smokey, Jaybird, and Red would eat lunch pretty regularly. They started a trend of getting 1/2 pound sandwiches and chips and a pop. We would make a trip to Maysville twice a week to buy meat for the deli.

Where I Grew Up Is Hidden Away Part 10

In the summertime we had a concrete slab poured out back of the store. We put up lights and a basketball goal. Then over on the other side of Martin Road, we had horseshoes set up to play. We have had some late nights playing both of them. In the store business, we had to allow some folks to charge items. Then they would pay it off at the end of the month.

I think my favorite thing to do was to fill a grocery cart with items. Then list them all 1/2 off the original price. We never made any money doing it. It was fun to give the people of Quick’s Run good deals on things.

I always complained though when I had to run the store. But I sure do miss it now, I wished we still had it operating.

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