Game Of Thrones – I am Late to the Party

So yes I finally started watching Game Of Thrones. I know, I know I am about six years behind.

I didn’t really think I would like it…I am not a Medieval kind of person. But for some reason, I do like Game Of Thrones a lot.

Game of Thrones is an American fantasy drama television series created by David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. It is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels, the first of which is A Game of Thrones.

It is filmed in Belfast and elsewhere in the United Kingdom, Canada, Croatia, Iceland, Malta, Morocco, Spain, and the United States. The series premiered on HBO in the United States on April 17, 2011, and its sixth season ended on June 26, 2016. The series was renewed for a seventh season, which premiered on July 16, 2017, and will conclude with its eighth season in 2018 or 2019.

The ONLY thing I do not like is all the sex scenes.

It’s a shame that Hollywood feels it has to add nudity and sex and foul language to Tv shows and movies in order to get people to watch. I am no saint don’t get me wrong but I could do without all the nasty language and sex scenes and nudity and still enjoy the show.

I mostly can block a lot of it out and thank goodness the sex scenes are short so I can get through them without throwing up. I started watching it a few days ago and I have finally made it to season 6 episode 8 I still have a lot of catching up to do.

My favorite characters are Arya Stark, Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Jamie Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Jorah Mormont, Theon Greyjoy, Samwell Tarly,  Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane. There are others I enjoy but these are the main ones I like.

White Walker
White Walker
Tyrion Lannister
Jaime Lannister King Killer
Jon Snow
Mother Of Dragons
Samwell Tarly
Sandor ‘The Hound’ Clegane

So who is your favorite characters? And please no spoilers

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